Self-publishing is sometimes challenging but more often it’s awesome. Here’s some cool stuff that’s happened so far:

August 2023

  • First pre-order
  • Physical copies arrived
  • First order
  • First physical copy received by someone who placed an order
  • First awesome offer – from my friend Beatrice to translate it into Italian
  • Sent a copy to Alastair Humphreys
  • First order from someone I didn’t tell directly
  • Second awesome offer – to sell in The Reader bookshop
  • First order from someone I don’t know in real life
  • First order from someone we met on the ride
  • Book on Goodreads
  • Amazon Author profile granted
  • Goodreads Author profile granted
  • Sent a copy to Ted Simon
  • Kindle edition created
  • Kindle edition published
  • Sent a copy to Frank Turner
  • First offer to sell in a shop in Canada
  • 100 copies sold
  • First offer from a North American distributor
  • First Kindle edition sold
  • First Amazon review
  • Gave a copy to the postman who’s collected a load of books for delivery!

September 2023

  • First physical copy sold in a bookshop (The Reader)
  • First offer to sell in a shop where I live (The Shop)
  • Book on a shelf in the local library
  • (Quiet month on the book front because our daughter was born!)

October 2023

  • First request to re-order from a bookshop (The Reader)
  • First re-order from someone who’s read it, to gift to someone else
  • Book taken out of the local library
  • A quarter of the print run sold (122 copies)
  • First request from a stranger to dedicate the book
  • First FB ad live
  • First FB ad click
  • First podcast interview about the book (Roadman Cycling Podcast)
  • Shoutout from the Unburied Books podcast
  • First Kindle purchase from a FB ad
  • First physical purchase from a FB ad
  • Enrolled in KDP
  • First pages read via Kindle Unlimited
  • First comment on an FB ad post

November 2023

  • First day where ads generated more profit than I spent
  • First time introduced to someone as an author and didn’t feel the need to qualify it
  • This lovely message from a friend, about her son –
  • 7th November: 4 bookshops said they’d stock the book, and I learned a whole bunch of useful stuff from the people I spoke to. Also put in touch with someone regarding my first event. And got my first photo of a book in a bookshop window display.
  • Arranged my first book exchange with another author on Facebook: swapping a copy of Eastwards and Far for a copy of Hiking the Dream.
  • Roadman Cycling Podcast episode went live
  • First email from a podcast listener asking if they could buy a copy (in Australia!)
  • Gardners of Eastbourne listed Eastwards and Far in their database, meaning (I think) that any bookshop they’re partenered with can order it.
  • Sent a copy to Ann Morgan (!)
  • First request from a travel club to see sample footage of a talk about the book, so they can decide whether or not to book me.
  • Gave a book to the new postwoman who’s replaced the old postman
  • First competition / giveaway
  • 11th November: put in touch with a travel blogger for a review, OKed to do my first signing event, and became #1 best seller on 👇
  • 1000 pages read on KDP
  • One third of the initial print run sold!
  • First invite to come on a podcast! (Trailmark)
  • Another best seller 👇
  • First email from someone asking how they can buy direct from me rather than through Amazon ✊
  • First review copy sent to a travel blogger
  • 200 copies sold!
  • First review copy sent to a book reviewer
  • First Kindle exchange with another author: a copy of E&F for a copy of Relish the Tread
  • Date of my first signing event confirmed
  • Confirmed as a speaker in the 2024 programme of a travel club – details forthcoming!
  • First non-five star rating 👇
  • Book for sale in Daunt Books, Summertown (one of my fave bookshops!)
  • Kindle edition nominated for an Amazon deal 👇
  • First email from a concerned parent asking if the book is suitable for a 16 y/o!

More to come!

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