About me

I’m Chris (the one at the front).

Since 2008 my day job has been SEO and digital marketing strategy. First in-house, then agency, then freelance from 2015 onwards.

I’ve delivered results for clients up and down the country over the years, from local small businesses to high street brands.

I also help third-sector organisations on a pro bono basis, with a focus on cycling advocacy groups.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to write books. Trying to make this a reality takes up a lot of my time.


What I’m up to at the moment –

  • Selling 488 copies of my book! Want one?
  • Getting the house (and myself!) ready for a new family member 👶
  • Trying to read more books in translation than books originally written in English in 2023
  • Aiming for a 1000-day streak on a Duolingo Spanish course
  • Volunteering with The Windrush Bike Project in Witney to get more people cycling


What I’ve been up to recently:

  • Waiting for 500 copies of my book to arrive – it’s here!
  • Learning how to use Adobe InDesign to design book covers – Done, despite the near-vertical learning curve
  • Trying to read more books by women than men in 2022 – I did it: 55 to 47
  • Working my way through the Wordle archive (currently 32:3 win:lose) – it got taken offline
  • Aiming for a 500-day streak on a Duolingo Spanish course – hit this in Nov 2022
  • Aiming for a 365-day streak on a Duolingo Spanish course – hit this in Jul 2022
  • Learning chart.js so I can create richer data-based content – got bored of this
  • Volunteering with Ready Set Go in Oxford to get more people cycling – the role came to an end
  • Writing a book about cycling across Canada – finished writing it!