Eastwards and Far

ISBN: 978-1-3999-6087-8

I cycled across Canada in 2017. Three months, 7,500 km. The ride broke no records and trod no new ground, but was full to bursting with the beauty, camaraderie, and humanity the world has to offer.

Eastwards and Far is about the joy of the journey: the people, their stories, and the deep connection you forge when you see a place on your own power. I always thought that if these words could make one other person think “damn, bike touring sounds great, maybe I’ll give it a go,” the whole thing would be a success.

  • This is a limited run of 488 paperbacks: all copies will be individually numbered inside the back sleeve
  • Signed and dedicated on request
  • Also available on Kindle (although I can’t sign and dedicate this!)