Thoughts about self-publishing

Here are some miscellaneous thoughts about promoting a self-published book.

The image is the writing inspiration collage above my desk 🙇‍♂️

  1. It’s a slow burn. My day job means I’m used to immediate, tangible metrics. Sending a book into the world and not knowing whether people have read it, or even received it, is weird.
  2. My default response is dejection. My brain perceives the lack of immediate feedback as a lack of interest (or worse), meaning I feel dejected unless I take active steps not to.
  3. It feels awesome when an order comes through. I thought the feeling would dissipate after a while, but the latest order was just as exciting as #1.
  4. It’s especially cool when the order is from someone I don’t know. At first it was family, friends, and friends of friends. The first order from someone I don’t know in real life was a cool milestone.
  5. More so when they’re on the other side of the world. An order came in from someone I don’t know, in New Zealand. Literally the furthest away a customer can be. Which means I’ve gone global 🌎
  6. Hustling feels weird. I’ve got a big list of people to tell, including authors, magazines, tourism sites, and so on. Every message I send feels audacious and unwelcome.
  7. Something is better than nothing. I’ve put off contacting some people because I can’t think what to say, but I’ve realised saying something is better than never actually managing to get in touch.
  8. People reply! I’ve had positive responses from some people I never expected to get back to me, which is awesome.
  9. Other people don’t reply! Which is fine: thankfully my day job has got me used to minimal response rates to emails.
  10. It’s worth collating the good stuff. I have a Google Doc of nice things people have said about the book, my writing, and whatever else. Skimming through it does wonders to counteract the dejection.
  11. The balance shifts slowly. Dejection is a default response to a new rhythm, and I feel it shifting over time towards something more positive as I get used to things.
  12. Momentum builds. Orders are trickling in. Reviews are trickling in. The flywheel is starting to turn, and who knows what will happen next.

[More to come, probably]

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